For our customers we would like to be more than just a supplier of a broad range of chemicals. We see ourselves as their partner. Since we do not just pay lip service to partnership, trust and satisfaction, the continuous improvement of relations with our customers is an important part of our business philosophy. The implementation of regular customer satisfaction analyses is only one of several measures we take to meet this obligation.

Our customers’ specific demands are as varied as the products and services PBCL offers. However, all customers require top product quality, constant availability, supplier reliability and timely delivery. In order to serve our customers more effectively, we must fully understand their production, markets and applications.

We tailor solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs. We combine new products and services with system solutions that give our customers a competitive advantage and create value, for both them and us.

In the future, we will continue these partnerships with customers and strengthen our focus on addressing market developments in our product and service innovations.

Our customers include leading companies in the processing industry.