We are one of the Kingdom’s leading manufacturers of basic chemicals. With our extensive product portfolio, flexibility and high quality standards we have been a partner to nearly all industrial sectors. We supply to the agrochemical, pharmaceutical, automotive and construction industries, to name just a few.

We sell basic chemicals which are well known commodities. In the past few years we have continuously improved our market and competitive position. Today, we are one of the leading suppliers in all important segments of our product portfolio. PBCL uses modern technologies and operates according to economic and ecological processes. Product quality, plant safety, environmental protection and customer service have top priority. We aim to extend the position of PBCL as a top-ranking producer of basic chemicals through our technological leadership as well as our service and reliability.

We are the manufacturer & supplier of Industrial Chemicals specializing in the following fields:

  • Potable Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Industrial Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Agricultural Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Waste Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Oil Drilling Chemicals
  • Soil Conditions
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Boiler Chemicals

Our manufacturing project is located in Yanbu Industrial Estate at 40000 Sq. M area and probably is the biggest Sulphuric Acid & allied Chemicals facility in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our Major production units are as under:

  • Complete SULPHURIC ACID manufacturing Plant
  • Complete ALUMINIUM SULPHATE manufacturing Plant
  • Complete ALUMINIUM AMMOUNIUM SULPHATE manufacturing Plant
  • Complete SODIUM SULPHATE manufacturing Plant
  • Complete SODIUM ALUMINATE manufacturing Plant
  • Complete COPPER SULPHATE manufacturing Plant
  • Complete SODIUM SULPHITE manufacturing Plant
  • Complete MECHANICAL WORKSHOP Facility